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filtering exhaled smoke

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I was over at overgrow reading about this home made smoke filter.

The filter consists of a 600ml plastic drink bottle with the bottom removed. The bottle is stuffed with dryer sheets or bounce sheets which you can purchase from the supermarket in America. The bottle is then put inside a sock. The smoke is then exhaled into the narrow end of the bottle and filtered through the dryer sheets and comes out through the sock clean. My question is what the hell are dryer sheets. Does anyone have any idea what the Australian equivalent is or what could be used instead. Has anyone tried making one of these?

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Guest Urbanhog

I am not sure, dryer sheets PERHAPS sounds like these filter sheets for the filter in the back or front of the dryer? you know where you remove all the shit from the dryer??? :)


not sure... will look up at my work.




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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from a quick search around google, dryer sheets seem like some handy chemical sheets primarily used with a clothes dryer in the laundry. however, they also have heaps of other uses as well.


a site that sells 'bounce' dryer sheets, states that they contain cationic softeners and perfume...


I've never seen these dryer sheets in Oz, but they seem like they're just a fabric softener product.

This article raisese some issues about their toxicity, claiming that many of the chemicals are dangerous to the CNS as well as carcinogenic and narcotic...


However, maybe the OG article meant to use used dryer sheets?


Actually, I'm sure you can buy them from Australia even though we predominantly use 'liquid' type fabric softeners. Fluffy make jasmine-scented dryer sheets:



Hope this helps!

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We used to use them as anti-static wipes on PC's back in the days of the XT's and 286's, you bought them in the supermarket as a tear off sheet that went in the tumble dryer as a fragrant fabric softener for the clothes.



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Yeah , I've heard of em. Some supermarkets sell em. They come on a roll like paper towel and you tear one off and chuck it in with your clothes in the drier. It makes them smell all pretty n that. My mate the chinese busdriver used to wrap his quater oz's up in em cause the weed stunk so much. He ended up kinda smellin like nappies, ya know?

Smell on


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Hey i just joined this for this post. But its so easy to make one...


***Things you need***

~Paper towl tube,toilet paper tube

~a paper towl sheet or 2

~clogney spray (mis spelled it) (good smelly smeg)

~rubber badn or hair tie


* Get a paper towl or toilet paper roll (either used or still with paper on it)


*take a sheet off the paper towl roll


*place it over an opening on the roll


*take a rubber band or a hair band and secure the towl over the tube.


*take cologne (maybe mis-spelled that one) and spray one or 2 sprays in the tube (we used 4 for a bong)


*take a hit from what ever ur using.


*hold it in....


*keep holding....


*okay now take the paper towl end to your mouth, you can bend it to get a better seal, and blow in it.


Best part is you see the smoke.... but you smell the sent from the spray... Its fun when ur blown and u see it but it doesnt smell like it.


works 99.7% the .3% is the smoke from the bowl,joint,etc burnin.





PS. When ur done with it, look at the paper towl.... That is whats going in to your lungs. Even after the first time you blow into it it gets all brown and moist... moist is from ur breath... dont bother its not from wet lips etc... Peace

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