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13 Ghosts...


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around a month ago a group of mates and i got absolutely plastered to beyond obvlion, and we hired out 13 ghosts... a good thing, but bad mistake. this movie tripped the absolute fuck out of me with the transparency of the ghosts, the scaryness of charlie manson, the gore...just the image of ghosts! anyhow...the trip was one of the best ive had (other than the time i was doing kung fu in the middle of the street because i thought a giant squid was inside a house and its tenticles were coming out the front door and the windows trying to get me...fortunately i won that battle. the whole time i had a birds-eye view of the situation...CRAZZYYYY)... anyway, the 13 ghosts trip was excellent, but ever since, the movie has scared the absolute christ out of me, i have to see it again just to un-scare myself from it..

i reccommend this movie if you like too trip, and your the tripping type... booya.


bong time. B)

jimbo jives.

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Yep seen this one! I wasn't stoned when I saw it, I don't think I would dare watch if I was off my nut.


Superb idea ... even though it could have done without the corny undertones, it was still FUCKING scary :P


How's about that bit where the hot chickie is messing around in the bathroom, and the female ghost is in there with her! OoOoOoOo freaky.

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ive never tripped out on a scary movie .....dont really like em that much ...but if they are as good as you say wasted might have to try that.....just have to hope i dont get too freaked out....but nah will just need company....but sounds like good fun in a way...but dont think i would really like a giant squid in my house even in my mind.....but it would be so crazy as you said.....hehehe ....funz.... :D
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Guest Wilderbud

Sweet, a new stoner movie for me to enjoy.


Not all stoners have enjoyed the Labyrinth and West World [old - I know] so theres 2 for you if you havent tried them. I love fantasy and science fiction [especially when stoned on something hazey]!!!


PS. I have Casper on 8mm film - youd probably be scared just as much by this while off your rocker [kids run from it when you switch it on - HEH]. I need to get a new bulb for the projector and try it out on others - I havent seen it for about 8 years [i blew the bulb because I fell asleep and left it on - DOH]. :)

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