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Ozco seeds

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Guest Urbanhog

Look around in the Mission Overgrow forum, you will find all the information needed. OzCo seeds are pretty good quailty from what I heard thru other members.


If you plan to grow 60 seeds outdoors just in case 30 becomes females, is a 50/50 chance really, I strongly suggest you to buy this Aussie Outdoor Grower's book for Australian conditions thru this site bookstore, called "Marijuana - A grower's Lot" by Kog, its very great informative book for outdoor australian conditions and got all the tips and information you need, worth the $50 investment in my opinion, its cost $50 because it's hardcover book... sorry no softcovers avaiable. Its my fave Aussie book.


(it's 176 pages if that information helps lol )




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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That book is a good read. But the growing info is shit. Most of the book is personal stories about being in jail, etc... Its a real good book, I recommend reading it, just dont take the info to seriously. The stuff on the law and the money is good if thats your thing. But when a guy tells you "A crop with some males left is a good thing 'cos it will be ready earlier and you'll get seed for your next crop," you've gotta worry. Still its a great book. Kog has huge balls to grow plants in the open like that. But the emphasis is on quantity not quality and I dont believe how much he says his plants yield, those 5 pound plants look no bigger than my 1 pound plants.

Still great book, no disrespect to Kog, hes done good things for me (set me up with good seeds a coupla times). And its great to have a book about Kyogle.


Go to erowid and download Marijuana growers guide by Mel Frank. Its OK.

Im too lazy for a link, look up 'erowid'

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