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whats the best way to clone

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Guest Urbanhog

water them straight away, dont get the soil too dry or waterlogged, just nice'n'mosit with nice comfortable levels of humidity. If you stuffed up, just cut some more and try again :P :lol: The soil must be wet, and if growing indoors, try to have them lights least 18 hours on for 2 weeks to root better then transplant to bigger pots and get them reach foot high then flower them then you have nice bloom'in babies :P Cloning Mj plants isn't much differences when cloning other non-marijuana plants, its pretty the same princple/idea.


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..and they like a nice and warm invironment the first few days,..I keep'm covered with a plastic top (so the humidity and warmth keeps good) for about 8 days and then I take the top off and let them grow for another week before planting. I use ordinary rockwool cubes and use rockwool to plant them in too. lol
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To take the clones I use a sharp pair of scissors, some like to use a razor or a scalpel, I try to choose a branch that is growing in an inconvenient direction if possible and cut it off just above the third node from the end (I count the tip as a node) I then snip the cut end of the clone on a 45° angle, dip it in a rooting hormone and stick it into the growing media, I use perlite/vermiculite, others use medias like rockwool, soil or aero-cloners. If you tip your plants you could use those tips as clones too, just tip a node further down.



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3 simple rules .

cut , dip , plant ,

i thought that cloning was a high tech operation till i was shown , it's as simple as take your cutting ( i usually put them in a bowl of luke warm water as i'm doing heaps then a simple trim of the stalk a dip in clonex and into rock wool cubes . i leave under floro lights till roots are forming then back to 18-6 under big light . keep clones watered with a weak grow solution .



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I take a cut, place in in warm water for 20 seconds, then place it in rooting gel solution for a further 20 seconds, swish it round abit before u remove it (helps get rid of air bubbles), then slide it into rockwool cubes; pre soaked in ph correct, 1/2 strength growing nutrients. Put them into a cloning chamber or lunchbox with gladwrap over the top, 10cm's under 2 x 40w aquamarine fluros, 24 hours. Keep well misted, and dont let dry out too much, but dont water too often due to alge&mould build up,..after around 9-13 days, small white roots will appear from the base of the RW cubes, ready to transaplant into soil or hydro! If in doubt, take a small blade and carefully cut open the RW cube till u find the clone base, u may notice small white bumps appearing around the cutting stem, these are roots starting. I have not lost ONE cutting using this method, no shit.


When i first started,...i though cloning was some technically advanced procedure, used only by the professionals, PMSL, piece of cake really.

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