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Guest Urbanhog

if the smoke where ya got the seeds in ya bag was very "heavy-couch lock" type of stone, maybe bit of "hashy" taste.... bit of MAYBE indica dominant.


If the smoke was bit uplifting, SOMETIMES sweet tasting, bit of MAYBE sativa dominant.






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Columbian sativas are meant to be mottled too.


If you have a big amount of buds and only get a couple of seeds out, it is likely that the plant was pollinated by a hermaphrodite, or was a hermaphrodite and pollinated itself. especially if the seeds are in the outer portion of the bud, that would be from a female dominant hermie that was late to show its balls after the males and other hermies have been removed.


If not, the father of the seeds could be a plant of the guy who grew the buds neighbour who diddn't remove males quick enough. And maybe that neighbour grew the worst pot in the world.


All you can do is plant em and see what happens

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g'day; imo, seed size and/or colour, wether mottled or striped, has nothoing to do with indica or sativa.

i've had sativa dom with stripes and pure indica with stripes, large sativa seed and tiny sativa seed, same for indica.

if seeds have a clear or green fleshy membrane on outside...remove it before germinating seed, it may stop seed from opening.

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