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Carbon scrubber


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Carbon filters are the best peice of equipment your grow room can have, to stop those nasty smells getting up your neighbours noise.


I would put one on your exhaust air fan and another one just sitting in your room with a fan on top scrubbing the air in the room all the time.


They work lots better than a ozone gene but you have to have a large (1000mm x 300mm) one to get good results, and they are very expensive about $800 each for the filter plus about $200 for fan.


Hope this helps

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Thanks JF. Yeah, I've been looking at that size. I don't mind paying, just heard one bloke complain about scrubbers in general. Said they get wet and blocked all the time, but I haven't heard anyone else complain.


I had Ozone in the past, but found there was a fine line btw killing smell and killing myself. :D :P

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thanks for the link putard. People have mentioned cheap negative ion generators before but as yet I haven't found a place to buy them. Is this the same as an ionizer? If a negative ion generator is used in conjunction with an ionizer will they cancel each other out? (probably a stupid question I know)
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