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Should i tip.


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OK... time for me to start thinking about whether I'm going to top my mj plants... They're two weeks old atm.. I've still got the time it takes to grow another couple of nodes before i make that decision...actually I've already made it but I wanted to mull it over a few times...hehehe... anyhow,, I just wanted to find out what yous think about this little bit of mj trivia I just quietly picked up...hehe


Ok... story goes like this... there's this new word I learnt and ever since I heard it I been wondering what it meant... well I've looked around and I think the answer might be similar to the answer behind foobar... yeah, just don't really know for sure... but I'm pretty sure it's a largely yankie thing... so I headed over to overgrow to find out a bit more about this word that dosn't really have an exact meaning.... FIMMING or, to FIM a plant...


What is it? And how do you do it? And what's it got to do with topping your plants?


FIMMING (also known as FUCK I MISSED) is a technique similar to topping but is done in a sneakier way.. Some ppl will say it's about folding the main stem over and tying it back on the plant... so you got a really tight fold and some ppl make a little cut near the fold... Other people say it's a technique where you cut off about 90% of the growing tip... all this FUCK I MISSED bizarriety is about getting some more tips on you plant where the growing tip is... up to about 9 is what I've heard but I've seen and heard that 3 - 5 is more like it... although I havn't done this myself... that's why I'm writting this after all... to try and talk myself into trying it out...yeah..


So, that's 90% of the growing tip huh? yes, cut it off because there's lots more to take it's place. FIM. Different to topping because when people top, they useually just snap the stem or slice it off between any two nodes..

How many new stems do you get when you top? Usually two I'd say is typical as a mj plant will do friend..


Ok, just so there is no doubt about what to do in a FIM situation, I'll show you a photo that I copied off the net today... You'll notice in this photo that the mj specimen is very young.. probably slightly underage for this 4 node and upwards technique... but the results where reported as 5 new stems... When you see this picture, look closely at the growing tip.. you'll notice two fine black lines (so long as your not too far away) and this is where you can tip... tip at either the top line (as the experimentor did) or the bottom line (which remains untested to this day...). Shortly after examining this picture please look at the second one to gain some additional insight into the meaning to the term FIMMING... and the difference between FIMMING and TOPPING.


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Guest Urbanhog

I have seen this done on sativas it was awesome sight... massive bushy plant... but with indicas... not sure... never seen it. Some say it's a "good" method for sativas if you wwant to SCROG them... I cannot personally confirm that. I will leave members to answer that.


Urbanhog lol

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hang on....


ooop there it goes.......


FTP Opperation Over Big Address Records ?? - 1639


foobar !


..... Mr P.. I fused.... the only fubar I know of is " fubar" .....


So what the Hell's your Big Address Records got to do with a 90o slice outa ya weed ?



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