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plant size

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you should count on sativas to triple in height between flowering and finishing and indicas to double. Work backwards from your maximum height to determine when to put into flower. easy for indoors because you control exactly when they go into flower.


outdoors I'm not so sure about. Planting later in the season will give you shorter plants by the time they've finished I guess. topping your plants will also make them shorter and bushier.


there are growth regulators available that limit stretch in flowering.

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It works, so does weaving them through wire/plastic trellises.



extremly well im might add there tom.

also another way is to constantly tip and tie that way you can obtain a plant outside upto any hight you want as well as u you have to remeber shell b as wide as she is high..


eg we planted a skunk 1 in my ex neigbours place the problem we had was the back fence were she was ,was only 7ft so hight was a prob.we planted late sept and harvested 2nd week in march she was 7 fthigh and 14.3 wide (tied up) and giveing us a totall of 7lb 5oz we could have taken more but we left the inner ones that didnt form proply due to low light ,and cut her back to 2ft to regenerate her 4 the folling year.

the only downfall to doing this was 1. only got half cause did it with neibour(bigmista\ke) and 2. neva got to c her the folling yeatr cause we had a fall out and i moved house but other then that worked a charm....W.S lol

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g'day; the product you want is 'Bonza Bud', costs $20 for 50ml, active ingredient is, 4mg of paclobutrazol.it is an anti-gibberellin, used correctly, it will shorten length between internodes, it also helps increase chance of female and helps to improve yield.

it will stop sativa from stretching too much but you may need to overdose plant. if you give dose to short plant, it will remain short.

never give it to mother plant unless you have finished cloning from her.clones are very difficult to root if mum plant was dosed with 'bonza bud'.

i have used this product for years, it is great as long as you adhere to instructions supplied.

R&D Aquaponics, supplies it in Sydney.hydro shop at Pendle Hill on highway also sells it.(simply hydro, i think shop name is).good for soil or hydro, indoor or outdoor.

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