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water ppm around aus


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Hi all,


Here in SA my water ppm is 560 straight out of the cold tap & 700ppm out of the hot tap (I believe the difference is due to some of the water evapourating at the water heating stage & therefore leaving more metals/salts in the water after its been heated - this is the reason you should never boil a kettle twice as you end up drinking lots more dissolved nasty metals!)


Anyway, I was wondering about different water ppm's around Aus & from rainwater. Adelaide is renound for shite water supply (I am reliably told that untill recently it was one of only two ports in the world where ships would not draw water from - the other port being somewhere in India I think)


So what's the ppm in your locality - info from other countries too would be good.



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HA! My e.c. reading is around .8 to 1.0! (560 - 700 ppm approx) :huh: So there.... :o Perth, WA.


(Although readings in ppm made by normal ec testers isn't really ppm, it's just the multiplied approximation from the electroconductivity of the solution. e.c. to cf = x10 cf to ppm = x70 (approx).Tou cannot read ppm with an conductivity meter.)


Oh, and the difference in salts between hot and cold water is that hot water is able to dissolve a lot more than cold, and it takes this from the pipes....

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