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High Guys and thanks in advance for any advice.I've made 3 attempts at growing my own MJ and each time while in the flowering stage with buds forming the plants just withered and went very dry and dead looking,last plant was in flower cycle for 54 days, it deteriorated as before and i had to pull it.I'm using 6ft.tall double wardrobe 600 watt hps light 11.5 hrs on.fert is 3 part perfection for veg. and flowering as recomended by hydro store 5mls to 1lt water,tank is topped up with plain water for 3 days then replaced with fresh water and fert. pump on 15 mins off 15mins.Has anyone got any ideas as to where i'm going wrong, i've got more seeds ready to sprout soon.I would appreciate your advice for this attempt.Thanks
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Move up to at least 30cm x 30cm, square one are the best in the grow room. Your light is a bit excessive for the grow space too, a 400w with an air cooled hood is the highest I would go in a wardrobe.



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HR Puff n stuff,

I remember you, I had to stop havin you over for bongs, cause you cant get a little and you cant get enough.

But seriously though - you've got a heat problem.

A 600 in that small a space is goinnnn off. You need a 400 and some good fans, or alternatively a small room to run your 600 in. My friend stinky pete has a 600 in a space about 4 times the size in width and length as yours and it works nicely, but he still has a big exhaust fan. SO, smaller light, or bigger space. Simple.

Bonne fortuno



Ps I flooded my room tonite - the drain hose got out of its hole. Could of gone swimmin. hehehehe. I was wasted when I found it. Oh no. heheh..my girlfriend's gonna be home soon, hehe, wicked...heh..

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