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AzZa's Grow Diary


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Welcome All,


Well I thought that I would start my diary today as I am going to collect all my lighting gear today, plus SPC will be sending off my clones tommorrow.


Set Up


Lighting: Son T Agro HPS 400w, Small Bat Wing Reflector, 400watt Control Unit.


Strain Headstone from SPC.


WateringPlants will be hand fed for first grow, Will look into drip watering next grow.


Plants The 2 Headstone clones and a small basil plant.


I have a good digital cam, So expect to see plenty of pic's as i get set up.



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Thanks Tom....


Well I've now picked up all of my stuff that i need, the total was $300 I think i was ripped off a little.


- Son T 400watt

- Control Unit

- Bat Wing Reflector

- 9 Litre Coco Peat Brick

- Canna CoCo Nutrients A & B


In the pick below you will see all of my gear aswell as a idea for my veg box, Is this big enough? If so i'm defiently going to have to install a big ass exhuast fan cos thoose Son T's really heat up..


Any Comments so far guys?


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hey azza, that box looks way too small for the 400watter you've got.


If its not too late I would suggest postponing that clone order from SPC until you get your box up and running and make sure the temps are OK at least. because if those clones arrive and you're not ready you may be throwing away your money.

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yea you can buy the lights at hardware stores and all the parts to make it your self.when i got clones once befor i was ready and they were fresh from mum(5 mins)i keeped them alive and rooted them under a little fluro (12 inch i think).this worked reallty well only had one die from mold and had to give some away cause i did not need that many so aleast it will save them dieing or buring then dieing (to sad to even think about$$$).good luck and happy growing/smoking .happy herb.
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