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My poor plant again. hehehe

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I have been told that the first leaves that form (the circle ones) are meant to fall off. True?

anyway, now the next set of leaves up from it are going yellow B) is this normal? if not what can i do to save him?

it's an outdoor plant. hasn;t been much sun around lately so i'm been bringing him inside and putting him under a grolux fluruo light thingy. i don't really give him any nutes. only a bit of charlie carp everynow and then (every 2-3 weeks)......


he has had alot of water lately, due to rain. could that be why?

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he has had alot of water lately, due to rain. could that be why?

It could be, it could also be due to the other leaves blocking the light or that your plant is in flowering mode.


If the potting mix is very wet then it would be best to transplant her (we don't refer to plants as "him" unless they have shown male) into a better draining mix, if it is due to one of the other two reasons then don't stress, it's normal. The little round leaves do shrivel up and fall off once they are no longer needed.



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hey yam, yellowing leaves could be a lot of things including nute deficiency. Try adding a product called "Trace Elements" to your mix.


Personally my plants were going yellow from the bottom up, and I added osmocote with Trace Elements and they've all come good. Some don't think osmocote is a good idea though, because you can't flush your soil before harvest.

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