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spraying your plants


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hey all, i have been reading were people get one of those spray bottles and make up some of ther ferts in it and spray there mj, wont this burn the plant and i have been running my light for 16 hours a day but have turned it up to 24 as i want to send to bud soon will dose this sound ok, i will be turning it back to 12/12 in about a week or so all these questions mite sound a bit dumb to some ppl but when you know vere little about in doors like me i can ask some dumb questions :P


bong on aussie


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Guest Urbanhog

yeah thats called "foliar feeding" i think if I get this spelling correct :P yeah some claim that while spraying on leaves the plants absorb all the nutes in the ferts better than from absorbing from the roots, but I have no evidence to support that.


I tried this once, sprayed on the leaves during the vegetive stage and I couldnt really tell if it improved or not, just they looked healthy, nice dark green coloured leaves and I didn't even burn the leaves or whatever, as that time I was using "Miracle-Gro" fertizler, which the product claimed it was excellent for foliar feeding, but I stopped spraying at the budding stage because I was worried that spray might cause the buds go rot or mouldy, I am not sure.


Now, I just cant be bothered to spray them for 20 or so minutes, too lazy, I just water them into the pots.


Just make sure you spray away from the lights, or spray in the mornings or whenever the lights just been turned on, if tiny sprays of water ever lands on the hot globes, it can shatter/break the globe :P




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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I've given up on foliar feeding other than for clones and seedlings as I could not see any justifiable results, other growers swear by it though so it's a matter of personal choice.


16 hours during veg is not really enough, I don't go less than 18/6 during veg and 12/12 during flower.


so all these questions mite sound a bit dumb to some ppl but when you know vere little about in doors like me i can ask some dumb questions

There's no such thing as a dumb question if you don't know the answer, ask your questions and we will endeavour to answer them.



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spraying just plain water under the lights in any event can burn the leaves. best leave it to when the lights go off if your going to do it, as most things but it's personal preference, which is what keeps all our erb different :P

trial and error is usually a good thing unless it turns out expensive :P so just be careful, and heid the warnings and you should have your technique refined down to a fine art :P

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hey all ozmade......there is a foliage spray that u can use that premots more growing/bud sites and there is another to do in flower stage to thicken them up ..

i have tried the veg folair spray with ex results but havnt used the bud 1 for i dont need to add anymore weight to my buds already have stems starting to break at only 3 weeks into budding...


also u shoulod b running at 18/6 for veg not 16/8 and you only folaige spray either 5 mins b4 light go out or straight after the go out that way u dont get any burning at all...


if you r not sure then next grow (if u have more than 1 plant ) spray one twice a week for entire grow and 1 without and you can judge for yourself...but remeber min light for veg is 18hrs and 12/12 for flower. :P

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Yo Ozmund,

my two cents on foliar feeding:

It's a bit like farting in a big crowd - no one's going to really notice if you do or not. The biggest pain in the ass with it is you have to do it at the onset of the dark period, as the light will burn your plants. I've tried mainly nitrozyme as a foliar feed in veg mode, but I ended up just adding it to the nutes and it works just as well. I tried 'Superbloom' a bloom spray, and it worked ok, but not as well as a res additive like 'add bud'. Foliar feeding does work well if a plant gets stressed or looks to have any root/medium problems.

It can give it a little pick me up. Other than that I don't bother using it. Save yourself the trouble.

Get big and smelly,


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really? shit, I water by hand and pour it all over the plant under lights. Maybe this is the reason I'm getting browning leaves!!!!

If you look closely at the way the droplets form on the leaves you will notice that they look like little magnifying glasses, they can work that way too and cause little brown marks where they have been, it's just like using the sun and a magnifying glass to burn things outside, but not as powerful.



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