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Preparing Soil

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i leave the small plants outside on a chair above the ground, somehow ants still get inside the pot when i leave it in the sun, when i take the pots at night inside under fluros i find quite alot of ants, each day its getting worse.

Is there any way i can get rid of the ants

And i cant Try the Flood Method Its in Foam Pot/tray.

Is there any alternative way instead of flooding?

And when i want to plant outdoor in the ground can i prepare the ground to protect the area from the ants.

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Use a brick or something to keep the pot submerged. When you put the plants outside for sun sit them on bricks that are in a tray of water, the ants would have to cross the water to climb up the bricks to your plants. The ants should not be a problem when the plants are in the ground, unless you plant them to close to a nest.



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Guest weekprik

I had ant problems with one of my outdoors grow, I used a product called Neem, to spray the ground around the pots, spray it every night when you bring them inside, this will stop the ants going in to ya plants, they just wont walk on the neem, also if you have them in your plant you can spray the plant with neem, its made from nuts so wont hurt the plant or you, spraying the plants is fine if the plant is not a seedling or clone but if it is just use it half strength, i know on the bottle it says use it full strength, but I did this on a tomato plant and the sucker wilted and bent over, it came right the next day but must have stressed it,


something I do is keep tomato plants,

1/ If I buy something new I use it on the tomato plants before using it on the MJ,

2/ I have a 8 yo, and a 7 yo, they know about my cupboard but ive told them we are growing tomatoes, and so I then show them the ones outside and they have tomatoes 0n them, so hopefull;y they will mouth about the ones outside and not tell their teacher about daddys wardrobe tomatoes,

we live in a very small house, and i cant hide it from them.

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