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Guru of Ganja Convicted of Marijuana Cultivation

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A federal jury Friday found Ed Rosenthal, the author of how-to-grow books on marijuana and how to avoid the law, guilty of marijuana cultivation and conspiracy charges.


Deliberating for a day, the 12-member jury concluded that Rosenthal, the self described "Guru of Ganja," was growing more than 1,000 plants, conspiring to cultivate marijuana and maintaining a warehouse for a growing operation. He faces a maximum life term when sentenced June 4.


Several people in the courtroom, including Rosenthal's wife and daughter, wept as the verdicts were read by a court clerk.


The verdicts were a victory in the federal government's battle against California's 1996 voter-approved medical marijuana law. Rosenthal's arrest last year was among a string of Drug Enforcement Administration raids on medical marijuana suppliers in California.


Under strict orders from U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer, Rosenthal was never able to tell the jury that he was growing marijuana as "an officer" for the city of Oakland's medical marijuana program.


Oakland's program and others throughout California were authorized under Proposition 215. Eight other states also allow the sick and dying to smoke or grow marijuana with a doctor's recommendation.


But federal authorities do not recognize those laws.


Source: Associated Press

Published: Friday, January 31, 2003

Copyright: 2003 Associated Press

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Guest Urbanhog

actually, I have my own opinons..... is Ed using his "Guru of Ganja frame" and "medicial use" excuses in attempt to get away with growing 1000 plants? which were in fact growing for profit not the "sick" people?.


But what happens REALLY IF actually he was just trying to make living / making money, seems everyone has gotten feel sorry for him, but I am on no one's side, I am, sitting on the fence on this case, 1000 plants is a lot. Using and brainwashing the media to try gain support?


Its just I have been reading a lot bust reports and they are using the "medicial" excuse in the courts, but I think 50% of these busts/court cases is a full of B.S.


I wonder if there's cover ups in this case?


Really, I practially dont give a shit about Ed, that's America, and of course he shouldn't be in jail for life for this "so called crime", and I am in Australia, what can I do? nothing really.... just wait and see boulder's next report when he gets sentenced..... and just nod at the next report :D


The turth is people will just care about covering their own arses when people get busted. I mean I would worry about my own arse before others.


I know a lot of people will hate me for me opinions about Ed and the court case.... but I dont give a sod really.




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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Ed could have grown in secret and sold off excess for profit, but he chose to do so publicly with the co-operation of the local council by the sounds. This is not a drug dealer using the medical defense to worm out of a conviction, this is an activist who is helping clear the path for us all. Without people like Ed getting shot down at the front lines we will never see drug law reform.


If weed is ever legalised stoners everywhere will owe a debt of gratitude to people like Ed.


In any case I find it totally fucking evil that federal prosecuters would want to convict citizens following state laws. These federal assholes should tackle the local governments and get them to change their laws before persecuting citizens. but no, that would be too hard, easier to just doll out life sentences and force people to ignore state law. I honestly cannot believe that this can be allowed to go on. How do these people sleep at night?????

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