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Clones: Problems With Rooting Them

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G'day dudes:


I've got three strains, all the same age. Pretty old plants (~ 5 months).


One Indica/Sativa hybrid

One Pure sativa

One pure indica.


Took some clones about 3 weeks ago as a bit of a lark off the first 2 (I/S and S).


Did the cuts along the diagonal.

Dipped the cuttings into rooting hormone (Yates version).


And they are still at the same stage as when I took em.


Not doing anything at all. No roots. No nothing.


The mother plants aren't growing particularly vigourously. Any ideas on how to get them going?


The clones off the pure indica took fine, so it's not technique!!!!!!!! (I hope?)


Anybody else had this problem? :D

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Sometimes they can take a little while to get roots going, were the plants in their flowering cycle when you took the clones? Did you use a rooting hormone?, not absolutely necessary but it does speed things up a bit, how much water are you giving them? I water sparingly but give them a good foliar spray of water each day it keeps them alive and encourages them to go looking for water.



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Hey Valley Villian

you probably have root rot slowing your clones down .This is a particular problem this time of the year due to the humidity.To correct the problem simply get some %6 hydrogen peroxide solution, at 4ml/ltres and soak the clones in it for a second.Repeat every three days until roots appear.As for the mother do the same, but just put the peroxide in your hydro solution when feeding your babies.My local hydro store also stocks a product called hydroshield, this stuff knocks root rot on it's arse faster and longer than any other stuff i,ve seen.Hope this has helped

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Guest weekprik

%6 hydrogen peroxide solution, at 4ml/ltres and soak the clones in it for a second




my bottle says 4ml per 10 litres, at 4ml per litre wouldnt that KILL the clones??

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Make sure u have stong enuff light..

and the correct distance away..

otherwise they will just sit there an not root themselfs but live

off the small amout of light they recive...

u have to keep an eye on em... and make sure the mediums moist..


hope this helps


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