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Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

Sup guys im amost finshed.. my grow.. and i was wondering how to go about harvesting..

ive been told to cut the plants at the bottom and hang em up to dry upside down in a closet or shed or sumthing, but i was wondering about the duration of time to leave them to dry out..?


Then once, pulled up and dryed out.. ive been told to cut off the buds and place them in jars..? this im not to sure about.. if sumone could break it down for me that would b great..?


how long do u leave your plants to dry..?

and how long should i leave them hanging then once dryed out , is there any other procedures b4 smoking..?

much respect

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hey there elefunk, i'l keep this brief as possible 4 ya . Normally when i harvest i cut the plant off at the base then i manicure the buds down ( no hanging ) once i have manicured the budsa down i put them inside brown paper bags which i have found to be the best as they let no light in . how much you put into each bag is up to you but a word of caution to many can cause mould you need to let them breath a bit . i normally leave them in the bags for up to a week depending on drying conditions cold weather can take a bit longer or you can sped the process up by placing in a supperheater cupboard . i am a firm believer in the longer the drying the smoother the smoke . but each has his own views . By placing buds in jars you are in fact curing them i've tried this but i still prefer my good old trusty bag methord . :D all your trimmings can be turned into butter and used for baking into biskit's or cake .i've found that using bags the buds tighten up and though they feel dry on the outside they are still nice and tacky when u break em up . i've tried this methord with both indoor and outdoor grown pot and had excellent feedback from friends and most are using this methord now . not trying to convert you friend , it is up to you if you try it . in the imortal words of bushy the longer to dry the taster and smother the smoke .

good luck


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Guest weekprik

Do i harvest all plants when the trichromes are amber??



I read that you should cur over a screen as the small parts that go through the screen are THC hash, would a fly screen be too small??

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