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Rockwool to expanded clay

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Hey tboat, just wondering what your set up is with growool? :P I use it extensively in my hydroponics endeavors and I must say it's ensured healthy, well fed roots, almost any way I use it. :P

Oh, and for buddy, yeah go for it, just bury the growool so that only the top surface is flat to the expanded clay top surface. You can also use the larger blocks to go into a 6 inch pot as well.

I had a plant in almost entirely rockwool in a 6 inch wide, around 6 inch deep home made netpot, with only the bottom inch or so in the netpot as expanded clay, and this level of expanded clay is what was sitting in the nute solution of the bubbler. Great growth, and because the growool is highly aerated, allows for a lot more roots to fill the netpot space.


peace :P

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