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Biggest Outdoor strain?

Guest Urbanhog

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Guest Urbanhog

Just wondering....


Lets say a grower wanted to grow the BIGGEST MONSTER outdoors in a tropical location..... :D


Which strain/breed would help the grower to archieve his "dream" growing the biggest monster?


Anyone know from experience or reports on the net?


Someone told me that some African strains will do the job? :huh:




Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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G'day Urbanhog,...and a Happy newyear once again!! I think the soil on that spot will be of more importancy than the strain,.. but I've seen Superskunk grow up to 3 mtrs in Switserland. offcourse there are also strains that you still can find in countries like France(big producer) and that are used to make rope and stuff. They even used it as windprotection around vegetables fields in the old days and those plants where huge,....but not smokeble,..unless you can smoke a whole plant at once. :huh:
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Guest Urbanhog

Yeah true, the soil is important, but often in tropical locations there's often good soil, tropical rainfall, and of course the Queensland's wonderful sunshine :P


I've seen this 3.5 metres monster once it was Malawai Gold and I was just drooling at the plant, I was like in a mild trance state :huh:! ::D:


I was wondering if there was any outdoor growers grew some big nice fat monster babies? and tell us their experiences?


I read somewhere years ago in a newspaper about the "Hunter Valley Hemp" and in the 60's and 70's people brought over different seeds strains to mix/pollenatie the Hunter Valley Hemp to increase the THC, and the paper was telling how "hippies & surfers" were trekking in the valley and filled their sleeping bags full of weed.


Cheers again ;)


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g'day; i had a mexican sativa about 9 years ago that would have reached 16' easy, i kept it below 5' by topping it.

i also got 100's of pure Malawi Gold seed :huh:

would be great in outdoor grow, start end of august harvest in may.(no good for indoor,imo)

a friend grew 20 foot tall monsters in the 80's until someone found his patch, now he lucky to grow to 15' tall in new location.stems were thick as forearm.no idea of strain name.

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