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Ok...I've just finished my first grow...all and all very sucessfull.

however, theere are many areas I can do better.


I used hot-coco for the last grow and was not impressed. The bugs, and mess. So I was thinking of going to somthing that drains better...So I could water more often. anyways ...I'd like some advice...what do you guys use and why? I have it set-up recycling the water( for space and practicality reasons)


Also if anyone could post a pic of how I should step up my watering. I don't know really what I'm doing...what hard ware like T and L joints, drippers will I need.


I was also thinking of growing organic...anyone have any opinions.

is there a quaility difference...or will I just feel better about how I treat my body and the world.


an does anyone else grow other plants...if you do send me a message... I'd like to know how you run your show.


Thanks guys

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Just did my last 2 grows in coco/perlite, and similar problems...damn scarad flies and spider mites!


This time have switched to expanded clay wth perlite addes for improved water retention. I add more perlite for the clones in small pots then minimum perlite (about 15-20%) when repotting into 20L pots. Also use 3ml/10L of 35% H2O2 to stop any mould growth on the media that will attract the gnats, and it's great for the roots too!


I water using a recycled system too, 2,400L/hr pumping through a inline filter using a 13mm polypipe, then branching out with 3mm line into a 4 outlet ring on each plant....works great!

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I dont know what type of coco you used but i am a big fan of Canna coco substrait(Coconut husk) It is 100% nutral and drains beter than any soil i have ever used. I buy the 50 Litre bags and and fill 12 litre pots. I bought some great pots from bunnings for $12 each They are self watering pots and have thier own resivour at the bottom. All i do is drill a hole in the bottom and ad a tap to drain the resivour wich can be bought at your hydro shop,Its very clean and efficiant. I water them ever 4 days with Canna nutes and they grow like hell.
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