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Planting Clones

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Hi all,


I have a question about planting clones, I will be ordering clones from just kutz hopefully this week.


Now I'm pretty sure they come with roots already started? and they would be in some form of growing material?


So when I get them do I just plant the whole deal in my soil mix? or do I remove them from their growing material? (or does this stuff just break down in the soil?)


Secondly, I have 20 litre pots that I will be using for the grow, but are these too big to start the clones in? From what I have read there are benefits for both on one hand lots of room for the roots, but some posts say that rootbounding the plants then transplanting makes for the best.


Anyone help me out, as this is my first ever grow of anything (except for a couple of chilli plants once).



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If they come rooted in rockwool don't try to remove it as youll just rip the roots off, in fact avoid interferring with roots at all, rockwool is compatible with soil.

when you see the roots poking out put them in small pots to start with and pot-on, root-bound is not ideal.

Would rather know what strain ya getting than from who. good luck&keep us posted.

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The clones are in rockwool and easy as pot and play.. :) ... If you pot them up to 20 ltr pots to start the plant will seam to be growing dormant until its roots hit the edges of pot.. Then it will boom... Usually 3 times the size of pot is maximum size of plant :( When the plants are rootbound they are usually shorter and stockier plants aswell... If theres anything else your wondering feel free dazz

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this may seem like a stupid question but why are you putting the cuttings in soil when you are building an indoor grow room?


in my growing experience (which isnt a whole lot :)) every soil grown plant i have grown and seen indoors has yellowed up from the bottom of the plant and eventually died off....the ones in hydro have always been fine except for when the pH was slightly out but for some reason, i have never had any luck with soil indoors.....outdoors its the opposite for me, i cant work hydro worth shit but with soil i could grow a 15ft monster given the space to grow it :(

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yeah thanks guys, I will be getting white rhino, can't talk must go out to the shed to finish my grow box.


How exciting is it building a grow room????


White Rhino is by far the most favourite strain i ever grown and it smokes up the best. Very easy for me to grow and I don't think you will have any problems.



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