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Cannabis Community

  1. Medical Cannabis Clinic

    1. Medical Cannabis Discussions

      Engage in insightful discussions about the medical applications of cannabis. Share experiences, inquire about treatments, and stay updated on the latest therapeutic advancements

    2. Medical Cannabis Reviews (Strain Guide)

      Explore comprehensive reviews of various medical cannabis strains. Whether it's an indica's relaxing properties or a sativa's invigorating effects, contribute and learn from Australia's informed community

    3. Cannabis Research

      Stay abreast of cutting-edge cannabis research. Dive into studies, understand the science behind terpenes, CBD, and THC, and contribute to an informed dialogue.

    4. Cooking With Cannabis

      Discover and share innovative cannabis-infused culinary techniques. Elevate your dishes with the therapeutic and aromatic qualities of cannabis.

    5. Cannabis Paraphernalia

      Discuss the tools and accessories essential for optimal cannabis consumption. From quality assurance to ease of use, make informed choices for your needs.

  2. Cannabis Cultivation Nursery

    1. General Cultivation Q&A

      General cannabis cultivation queries, information and discussions, growing techniques and propagation
    2. Cannabis Troubleshooting

      Information and discussions on cannabis diseases, pests and nutrient problems.
    3. Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

      Information and discussions specifically related to outdoor cannabis growing for both the northern and southern hemisphere
    4. Cannabis Harvesting and Refinement

      Information and discussions on harvesting, drying, storing and curing your cannabis heads, creating hashish, tinctures, cannabis oils extraction
    5. Cannabis Breeding Rooms

      Cannabis and hemp genetics, breeding information and discussions.
    6. Cannabis Grow Rooms

      Information and discussions on grow room construction, lighting, ventilation and security
    7. Gardening Technology

      Informational topics and discussions from our community sponsors regarding new gardening technology
    8. Cannaversity Forums

      Forums for cannaversity.com
  3. Cannabis Community Café

    1. Memorial Hall

      Pay tribute in our cannabis memorial. Celebrate the lives of stoner pioneers, cannabis activists, and community legends. Cherish memories and light one up in their honor.

    2. Club House

      The cozy epicenter of our stoner posse. From digital tokers to cosmic conspiracies, find your niche and light up the discussion.

    3. Stonertainment

      Your ultimate chill zone for all things entertainment in the cannabis community. Dive into fun games, binge-worthy TV discussions, movie nights, and enlightening book chats. Fuel your passions and share your high recommendations.

    4. Hobbies

      Discuss and share your hobbies in here. Home brewing, fishing, aquariums, hobby farming, surfing, riding, hiking, painting, knitting etc.
    5. Site Support and Community Feedback

      Having trouble with anything within the cannabis community or got any feedback and/or suggestions for us?
  4. Cannabis News and Media

    1. Cannabis Hemp News

      Join the conversation and share your insights in our Cannabis Hemp News category. Our Australian and International Cannabis News sub-forums cover breaking news, legislative updates, and industry insights. Contribute to our community and stay informed!

    2. Cannabis Community News

      Cannabis community site news, competitions and updates

    3. 17.5k
    4. Off-Beat News

      Strange and unusual off-beat news collected by the cannabis community and our cannabis news bot.

  • Upcoming Events

    • 11 November 2024
      OZ Stoners: Charting the Rise of Australia's Premier Cannabis Community
      Greetings, Stoners! The rich narrative of the Australian cannabis community, with OZ Stoners standing tall at its helm, is a blend of trials, tribulations, heartening comebacks, and the unwavering dedication of its members. Let’s delve deep into this riveting tale.
      Geocities: The Digital Genesis
      In the bustling digital streets of the late '90s, Yahoo Geocities stood out as a haven for burgeoning online communities. It was here, amidst this digital renaissance, that OZ Stoners planted its foundational roots. This marked the dawn of a space that would go on to become synonymous with Australian cannabis culture.
      Navigating the Digital Tempests
      On its journey, OZ Stoners faced formidable challenges. Between Yahoo's unpredictability and the unexpected anti-cannabis stance of titans like Meta, steering the ship required a blend of adaptability, tenacity, and foresight.
      A Hiatus and the Phoenix's Ascent
      Come 2022, OZ Stoners entered a period of unplanned dormancy, lasting a challenging 12 months. But, reminiscent of the legendary phoenix, this hiatus was transformed into an opportunity for rebirth. The platform underwent comprehensive upgrades, server enhancements, and a revitalising overhaul. As it emerged, it did so with a phoenix-like rise, soaring higher and brighter, dedicated to serving the community with even more zeal and purpose.

      Ode to the Trailblazers
      The tapestry of OZ Stoners is woven with the dedication and vision of its founding members. Their relentless drive and contributions have been the bedrock of its success. While many of these pioneers continue to shape its direction, we pause to honor those trailblazers we've lost over time. Their indomitable spirit continues to inspire and resonate within the cannabis community. - Memorial Hall
      The Lighthouse of Today and Promise of Tomorrow
      OZ Stoners, in the contemporary digital landscape, stands as a lighthouse for the Australian cannabis community. Beyond being a forum, it exemplifies adaptability, unity, and a shared passion. As it anchors and shapes cannabis discourse Down Under, it continually underscores the strength and beauty of collective endeavor.
      As you engage with OZ Stoners, remember the sweat, tears, and dreams that built its legacy. Here’s to the cannabis community, the trailblazers of the past, and the promising horizons of the future. Cheers to shared stories and monumental growth ahead!
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