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EGA Outdoor Psychedelic Symposium


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EGA 2011 Outdoor Psychedelic Symposium


It is with great excitement that we announce this year’s Keynote Speakers for our forthcoming conference in early December. Since October 1995 one webpage has been the go-to resource for psychonauts, researchers and medical staff, covering countless questions regarding sacred plants and psychoactive chemicals. That web page is EROWID. EGA is excited to welcome both the EROWID founders, Fire & Earth, to Australia to headline this year’s outdoor conference. We know you will be as happy as we are that they are joining us this year.



Headliner Bios:


Fire & Earth

Fire & Earth Erowid co-founded the Erowid Center , an IRS-approved 501©(3) non-profit educational organization that collects, reviews, and publishes data about psychoactive plants, drugs, technologies, and practices. Their primary project is the Erowid.org website, established in 1995 as an independent public library of information about psychoactives. The site hosts more than 58,000 public documents and images and receives around 80,000 unique visitors each day. Earth and Fire have spoken at conferences sponsored by groups as diverse as the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the North American Association of Clinical Toxicologists, the Mycological Society of San Francisco, and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.




Keeper Trout

Keeper Trout is an ethnobotanical scholar and author. His research interests concerning cacti have centred largely on the study of Trichocereus and in conservation work concerning Lophophora. Formerly a citizen of Texas, Trout has lived in northern California for the past 9 years where his cultivation interests have appropriately shifted from cacti to fungi. Learning to better propagate shiitakes is kt's current raison d'être."




James Oroc

Author James Oroc originally wrote the book Tryptamine Palace (on the rare entheogen 5-MeO-DMT) for the Burning Man festival/community. Called (by High Times) "the best book on entheogens since Terence McKenna", Tryptamine Palace proposes both a radical mechanism for the entheogenic experience and that this experience is indistinguishable from the 'classical' mystical experience common to virtually all religions. Since the international publication of Tryptamine Palace (with foreword by Alex and Allyson Grey) by Inner Traditions in 2009, James Oroc has spoken at festivals and conferences around the world about the potential importance of the endogenous entheogens in the development of our mythology and mysticism, and developed the info-website on DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and Visionary Culture.




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