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Free Cannabis Community January 420 Picnic


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The Free Cannabis Community 420 Picnics are an opportunity for the people of Victoria's Cannabis Community to come together and celebrate simply being ourselves. We are good people. We are colorful, creative, compassionate and happy people.



We are not cannabis advocates, we are not trying to promote cannabis use. We are calling for an end to cannabis prohibition. Prohibition is based on prejudice and leads to discrimination, persecutionand oppression. Prohibition hurtsgood people. End prohibition.



Gardeners, musicians, artists, glass enthusiasts, cannabis consumers of all descriptions and supportivefamily and friends are invited tocome and meet new friends and make new connections. Develop social support networks and meet like minded souls.


We ask that everybodyattending come with an attitude of friendliness and respect for members of the general public and police, if they attend. We also ask that everybody makes sure that theytake care of any litter responsibly, take it away with you or placeit in one of the rubbish bins. Wewant to leave the gardens in beautiful condition when we're done.


We will be celebrating with a peaceful act of mass civil disobedience throughout the event as a protest against cannabis prohibition. There will be NO sales or giveawaysof Cannabis or Cannabis products.Sales are prohibited by law and as such remain completely unregulated. Be good to each other please guys.


Please note the event times.The police have treated us with great respect and it's very important that we conduct ourselves responsibly and respectfully to ensure that we can all work together towards law reform. The event finish time is 8:30, please cease public civil disobedience at this time. Wewant to ensure that we are seen as the good responsible and respectful people that we are.



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