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First Contact - Seeking advice



Hey guys,


I am so sick of paying top dollar for under achieving buds. So over hearing yeah this is sick weed, only to get home and get a mild buzz.

So i have decided to venture into the world of growing and try my hand at producing some tasty head that will get the job done.

First up strain choice - I purchased nine seeds one of each strain.

- Green Crack (Humbolt)

- Moby Dick

- BC Early Blueberry

- La Reina De Africa

- Tikal

- White Widow x Big Bud

- Money Maker

- Tangerine Dream

- Dr Grinspoon (not what i ordered but was given as a random as a replacement for Pure Power Plant which i paid for that wasn't in stock by sending time)


Please can i have some comments on choice as i was going for a mix of quality and quantity


These will be placed in 90 litre bins (most of the bottom cut out so the roots can spread) with some local soil (red granite) along with some soil i made up 50/50 mix i think

The soil i made consists of a 3 way organic of peat/mushroom compost/black soil, mixed with organic garden soil, manure from my local landscaping supplier, all in equal parts about 400 kg in total

i then added 30 kg of dynamic lifter, 25 kg of blood and bone, a full chaff bag of ash from an old bonfire and a heap of river sand. And Lots of water crystals.


My spot will receive plenty of full sun but not all as it is in a valley (on the north east facing slope)

I am aware not all these strains will finish at the same time but that is not an issue (except for maybe the grinspoon).


I prepared some jiffy pots after being told these were the go, soaked in warm water, popped the seeds and put on a heat mat. 100% germ, yay

I put them under a CFL and 2 6500K fluros for 3 days, 24 hrs of light. Then read 18/6 is better, so changed that and gradually introduced to sunlight a few hours a day until they were getting a full days

sunlight plus the supplemental to make up the 18 hrs.


I have them in small pots now with a 50/50 blend of Osmocote Premium potting mix / Osmocote Seedling mix. Some perlite would have been nice but i have a budget. (most everything i have bought so far

i have scraped together 20 or 30 bucks a week till i had enough to go ahead) plus the season has started so my mate said.


I will be able to water every fortnite, and am thinking of sinking some plastic bottles filled with crystals in the pots with some hose on top so i can top them up.


Nutrients and fertilizers have me stumped so if anyone could make some recommendations keeping in mind a tight budget, it would be greatly appreciated

At the moment i am just starting on Seasol/Powerfeed 1/4 strength


Here are some pics of my babies at nearly 3 weeks. I think i am doing okay, not great my mate said, but healthy. (i didn't mark which was which as they were put in, in a hurry)

Any and all comments are welcomed.

All in all I am pretty damn happy with myself for my first ever attempt (have never grown any type of plant at all before) but it is still early days. (oh and i am planning on FIM LST and HST as they all sound

fucking awesome. (who wants a christmas tree when you can have a fucking massive bush)


Any tips, hints, advice or guidelines to growing big, heavy and potent trees are what im after. Ant thankyou for your time guys. :)


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Hi, am also new at this so I wish yu good growing and,,, how much $$$ were  the seeds and from where ? please. I bought 10 seeds of a friend (?)  some years ago for $100 and not one struck.... sheeet, some friend. So now I need more info and will follow fellow members growing ways, your info will help,cheers,Gavin.

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I say from my own experience... of collecting seeds ( as souvenirs for future generations ;) try google look at amsterdam seedbank reviews after all your looking for... seeds man

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I say from my own experience... of collecting seeds ( as souvenirs for future generations ;) try google look at amsterdam seedbank reviews after all your looking for... seeds man
hes onto somthing
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Good job GT wannabe, as your on a budget, forget all the nutes from hydro suppliers, there over priced to hell, your local hardware will have everything u need at a reasonable price, . While your laddies are in growth mode , any water soluble fert with a NPK of 25-8-5 is good going, like thrive,   aquasol,   miracle grow  there all good.

 But as soon as u see them change to flower u must change fert, to a lower nitorgen & higher potassium & phosphorus,   bloom booster or thrive fruit& flower will do the job just fine

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