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How can the stereotype surronding marijuana improve with this shit....



This only recently happened but I feel compelled to review this god-awful turd of a movie in the hopes that only one person takes my advice and avoids it.


Thank you




Movie: This Is The End runtime:107mins released date: 2013


::Spoiler alert::

It shouldn't come as a great surprise to most of the online community, that a movie like this is designed for the explicate purpose of appealing to the widest audience without satisfying any of the accepted movie norms. Including but not limited to; Plot, wow... where was the plot in this movie? How could someone with even a modicum of humour have any bases to crack a smile to what is simply over-played toilet humour?The rapture as the central theme to explain “the end” was used maybe 4 or 5 times in reference to the disaster unfolding outside James Franco's new fortress, which is how the movie begins. What happen to developing a plot by using intelligent scripting and great acting?Or even using some well shot locational images?This slap-in-the-face for the audience couldn't be more offensive if following the scene where Michael Cera is impaled with a collapsing street light, and is then lifted up by the undulating earth, he pulls out his junk ( instead of what appears to be the new motorola xperia ) and cums buckets of money down onto his adoring fan-base. What a failed portrayal of what is influencing Hollywood and movie makers in this generation. The movie This Is The End is littered with these types of examples. And after 107minutes of this, you as the audience should be running out the door looking for the closest friend with some juicy fruit to hopefully remove the taste of cock and pig shit from your mouth. I will not dwell on them too much, but I have to draw attention to one more for the simple reason that I found it so bitterly contradictory I almost walked out of the cinema. The movie uses themes such as friendship and self-worth, but yet the first night our rag-tag group of survivors share together, they begin sleeping in separate rooms, but after 2-3mins they are snuggled up together, complete with a very poorly constructed couch fort. Oh, did I mention the gratuitous and tacky dialogue about cocks in arse?Butt(sic) I digress....


Don't for one second think that this movie will touch an experience you might have shared with friends while you were super high. It has no comparative qualities that I witnessed in its 107minutes of diarrhoea. Steer well clear of this movie. And certainly don't waste any good drugs before watching this, if you must.


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Yeah this is the end sucks American balls, There are only so many dick jokes & references I can take while watching a Film.
Im glad other humans actually see this movie for what is really is... crap.. 

''The worlds end'' Thats a film I need to get my hands on :)

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