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You may as well put your hand on your cock and swear by your german helmet!


The funny thing is that they have taken a verse out of the bible which says " never swear by heaven or earth, but rather let your yes be yes, and your no be no " They have taken it and twisted it just like they twist everything else.

You don't have to swear on the bible nowadays I believe, on religious grounds and why did you have to swear anyway, just to make you bow down to the fuckin beaks, who probably all hypocrites anyway!


This got me thinking, when a naughty christian in the past was told to swear on the bible, I wonder if he could have jacked up and said he wasn't going to on religious grounds, because it was against the word of his god, I'll just bet he would have been charged with contempt of court......ah well, at least one thing has changed for the better, we don't have to swear on anything.....It was all bullshit anyway :bongon:

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Spot on, Sharpie. The whole religious farce is another way of controlling the masses....... except for free thinkers.

Whomever put chisel to stone to come up with this fucked up theory of believing in an imaginary supreme being  well all I can say is, they must have had some pretty powerful weed. It must have been borderline to LSD.

hmmm reminds me of days gone by  lol

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