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The Work Shop



Well i have been renting a workshop for awhile just to play around in with cars and anything else that i want to do and i thought that i might have a crack at growing some nice buds. Guess the reason i am going to start growing is cause i am bored and want to try something new so i have just planted 7 seeds which 5 have sprouted so far. I have go some nice big pots for them to grow in and tomorrow i will go and buy some good soil for them. I have a heap of twin fluro lights that are 5 foot long with day light tubes in them so i will use them for the veg state standing them on there ends to give lots of light to the sides of the plant till there around 5 foot tall then i will add some HPS lights as well as leaving the fluro lights for the flowering stage. These are the pics of my workshop. Will put up some more photos once i get the setup going


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Holy hell I wish I had that kind of space to grow in. If all goes to plan you'll be swimming in buds soon enough. How's this going so far? If you haven't bought a bunch of soil already, seriously just grab some bags or bricks of Premium Coco- it's simpler, cheaper, will almost definitely grow quicker and most likely better quality weed. I started with soil indoors just because I rushed into it with little to no research and really it's just a pointless headache. I can link you to some good guides on coco if you want let me know.
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WOW! I can see a SOG there!

Just a note on security. Make sure no water leaks out, had a big bust here a while back cos place was always locked up and water was running outside. And make sure you visit the unit when neighbours are around. You may think this dumb but as I said "the place was always locked up".

Guess the neighbours weren't tokers!

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Man so much room :) This ganna be a mean grow room....I hope the roof has a shit load of whirly birds?! I would be more worried about the SMELL when they flower rather then water or your neighbours seeing you lol A burden of proof is required to get a search warrant which means the cops need "probable cause". They don't give them out like candy, even if they have a anonymous tip off in regards to drug use or growing they still need to perform surveillance that corroborates the anonymous information in which case hopefully by then you notice someting & move your LOOT lolGood Luck can't wait to see updates ;)
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