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HELP ! ph levels are sky high.



I am having trouble with the ph levels in my tank I set the level at 6.0, then when i check ph levels again a few hours later they have risen above 7 highest reading so far is 7.4 I have run out of ph down is there anything else i can use to bring the levels down until i can get to the shop.

thanks in advance



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Are you using town water?


I findit really hard to push down the PH of townwater, starting around 8ph out of the tap


Using rainwater the starting ph is around 7 and just a few drops of ph down will drop it to 6


I need like triple the ph down on townwater


the ec of townwater is like 10 times that of rain water (in my hood)

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My mains is very high pH and it takes a bit to bring it down.

I used vinegar once but my girl didn't like it at all.

My nute manufacturer also makes pH tester, pH up and down. All hydro specific, made for hydro. :thumbsup:

My nutes have a pH nuetraliser. Which works well for a fresh nute mix, but the next day I need to bring it back down again with the pH down.

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hay it sounds like you need to calibrate your PH tester OR buy a test kit from general hydroponics Im running Super Natural in my hydro system and my girls are really liking for veg 700-800 ppm and 6.5 to 7.0 ph but remember when your in hydro you should check your ppm and Ph at least once a week because the water is constatantly evaporating which causes concentrations of your reservior i hope this helps :bangin:
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