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new to indoor growing just need some help/info

king of kush


i was just wondering do the fluro and L.E.D grow lights work as well as hps or mh? and my grow room is only going to be big enough for 4-6 plants as it will be either a wardrobe/closet so they will be pretty close together. im thinking of hindu kush and lowryder. my plan is to grow 2 or 3 of each depending on the space i have...

Are these a good strain to grow?

Would one light be ok?

And what vent system should i go with?

Is there any specific soil mixtures that any one can tell me about or should i just buy pre mix potting soil?


im not growing for the money side of things im just growing to make the dankest buds out there... so please help me any way you can thanks: King Of Kush


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yeah i have been reading alot and exploring this sites benifits and it is extremley helpful but i was just wanting to ask someone with personal expirience to see what other growers thought. but thanks for the tip i will keep reading and if anyone else has any information they would like to share about the above questions please dont hesitate to leave a response.
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OK. No, LED and CFL do not compare to HID lights. Not even remotely. Save yourself the hassle and grab an HPS ;)


I personally wouldn't grow a kush and a lowryder in the same grow if you only have a small space, you want to maximize your yield and you're not going to do it with lowryder.


One light will be fine, once you work out what your grow space is use one of the grow calculators from the Cannaversity link to suss out which size light will suit your space best.


Vent system is your call, as long as you use an inlet + outlet fan. Out should be bigger than in though, you want negative pressure. An oscillating fan blowing across your plants helps keep them from getting too hot and will strengthen them up a bit too.


If you're just using potting mix, any of the mid-priced brands from Bunnings will do the trick. I'm not a soil grower though so someone else will hopefully come along and make a better recommendation for you


There you go, hope this helps a bit more than my last post :thumbsup:




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Defiantly use a hps light dude if you work out how much electricity is going to cost you

You will find it's almost the same flouro's to hps and you will get way better results with hps

PS be careful with the soil from bunnings searls is best but make sure there aren't any water crystals in the mix

Trust me you do not want water crystals unless your growing outdoors also try not to get something with time release ferts or your gonna have a bad time .

Also get some perlite to mix in the soil not much but I've always had the best results when there's perlite in the mix.

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PS if you are going to use potting

Mix indoors leave the bag outside in the sun for a couple of hours to kill any mould etc

Before use or your gonna have a bad time lol

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