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Drugs & friends...



What the fuck is it with my so called friends?

Last year, as many off you are already aware, I had a so called friend rock up in the middle of the night & help themselves. No worries... Problems been sorted & he knows not to come back here ever. Cost me a bit but a small price to pay to get rid a piece of scum out of my life. I get a phone call the other day from another so called friend.

I went there a few weeks ago & shouted him a smoke. I rang first & asked if it was ok to bring a friend? Um arr um arr yeah ok. Get there mull up & he says sorry I haven't got anything to put in. No worries there's heaps here. I open the drawer to get some scissors & what do I see in there but a 1/2oz bag of primo. I don't care that it's there but I've just been lied to & the look on his face tells me he knows he's been done. I don't say a word about it. He opens another drawer & hands me under a g of scuff. Thanks man. We all sit there smoking away & he's starting to get nasty to my friend. pooh.gif stirring but nasty.

He tells me that this is a bit of a shit smoke, we finish the bowl & leave. A few days later he rings my partner, yes I have one, & apologises to him. Not to me & no attempt to get one to my friend. That was a few weeks ago.

Now for the kicker. He rings me up looking to swap an oz. He's got NOTHING but he's got a mate who's in this week sometime. They grow white queen. A great smoke but too heavy for me. I politely tell him no thanks because I struggle to get out of bed in the morning with it, exactly the same problem he has with it & I think that's that. He rings me back 2 mins later & tells me "that was a c%^ts act. I give you a quarter on tic & you do this to me? My smoke's good enough for you when you haven't got any!"

"Yes it is but not when I have a choice. Sorry you feel that way" & I hung up.

Now before this crop was even close he was told many times that I am not a drug dealer, I don't grow for money like you do. I'm not trading you for yours because it's too heavy & I have no problem sharing come on down.

There is a lot more to this story than just this but I'll give another example... He imported some seed into Oz & we were going halves. Sweet as!!! I've got the cash in my hand ready to hand it over, the seeds are there & he says to me NO. He's not going to give them to anyone because he took the risk in getting them here. Fair enough no problem I say & think that's it. He gives one to someone else the next week & then offers one to someone that he continuously back stabs.

So my question is... Does anyone else think that I was wrong to knock back swapping an oz when he has done me the favour of giving me 'a q' on tic?


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Fuck no mate. sounds like a douche that i once knew. His mind is warped around the drug world mate. He has lost all sense of what marijuana has to offer, That's the kind of person that makes it illegal. Tell him to kindly get fucked next time he wants something from you.


Take care bro.

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im with bunta mate... seriously, people arent worth the hassle. my best mate someone i hung out with p much daily for f'n ages, robbed me, dogged me, got me evicted and in trouble with the pigs all in one fell swoop...he's got his coming... still... but point is, there is no1 worth telling you grow because everyone wants to fuck you.
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You're not alone there Olly. I have just got rid of a 'friend' of over 30yrs (i'm 38) over crap like that. More than once i've gotten on for him when his sources are dry, and more than once he's left me in the lurch by doing the ring around to others and putting in orders with all of them, then going with whoever gets on first. Fair enough to a degree, what gave me the shits was it's always a little to difficult to let people know he's gotten on!


Then he has the hide to get shitty at the people that go off at him for a lack of communication. Once he said to me he had the $, then not 15 mins later he's over here with his missus giving me some bullshit story about no money til whenever, blah blah. The mental giant thought that his story would be more believable if she was there. It had the opposite effect...


People like that give the rest of us honourable smokers a bad name.

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Well I got bunch of selfish so called friends too, but I don't hang out with them anymore because they all have "Mental weed disease" , all they think about is weed, they don't give a shit about you, they will just continue to hang out with someone as long you provide them smokes. Total bullshit. That's why I said when you making friends, try to test them for their trustworthiness and friendship, so you will know what kind of person they actually are.
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What also amazes me with some people is that whenever they are short you always offer them something to get them buy but heaven forbid you should ask them to help out. I got, Sorry man i cant afford to shout anything or else the missus will get pissed at me???


Well i was always happy to replace whatever was given but never got anything back in return..


I then had a best mate of 15 years i was sharing with smoke nearly 4oz i had stored away whilst on holidays for which i never saw a cent for and then had the hide to saw i owed him 2 weeks rent when i moved out.


I saw good riddens to scum like that, you couldnt hire a hitman to get rid of them that cheaply and its amazing how peaceful your life is without idiots or people who take advantage of your good nature until you snap :devilred: :devilred:

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cut him loose :thumbdown:


unfortunatly people like that are fairly common,

its hard to sort out the good friends from the ones that only care about how much they can sponge of you..


give and take man....

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It's an epidemic! Just been taken by a friend of over 30 years standing...handed over the dollars, but no sign of the goods, just excuses, and an unanswered mobile!


What goes around, comes around...hope I'm there to watch :harhar:!!!



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What a dick! Man, i had the same thing happen to me (this dude going into my room and knicking a whole lot of smoke form my oz bag). Don't worry though, Karma kicks ass.
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