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Led Lighting

jeff lumigrow


I have real cool LED light and cannot believe how cheap it is to run. Why do people bother with lights that produce so much heat only to produce light in the wrong wavelengths for plants?

People keep talking about lumens, which is a common way to describe how bright a light source is to humans. If you don't want to grow humans but grow plants instead, why not just focus on the wavelengths the plant will use?

Are people afraid of new technology? Just looking for some thoughts on this. Thanking you in advance for some helpful replies.


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Hey jefflumigrow, let me know what ya buds are like that ya pull after harvest under the LED's , bet even a good CFL will beat them hands down. HID lights work, were not dinosaurs and keep up with all the latest and greatest inventions for growing. What I don't like is people who market 'prototypes' that aren't tested properly and don't do the job, use inferior LED's, and then sucker everybody into buying cheap shit panels.

The MInimium you want for an LED array is 3w Cree LEDs, I suggest 5w Cree's, anything under that is a waste of time.

Led's like other light sources also need to cover more spectrums than just red and blue with some green or orange chucked in.

I also have looked into LED's, probably great for clone/ veg but they are crap at flowering.

Don't believe all the Hype on the Net, they are full of it. yeah HID is inefficient but even with it's faults it still kicks ass on LED. I have an Electronics Cert, so think I'm qualified enough to give an Honest opinion.


If you want to invest in failed old technology, go for it. Get on the Net and check out Sulphur Plasma grow lights and some of those grows on Poo tube. THAT is the way of the future, not some Mamby Pamby kids toy from the bargain bin at Kmart. There is always going to be someone who loves these lights, but in my opinion, waste of money, time and effort. :peace: Gh72



I thend to side with Gh. I am using a Tri spectrum 90w UFO and not will ing to push for a full grow. Light attenuation with rapid spectrun intensity loss is what my plants are telling me. Sure the mix of colour sprctrum - i went for Red/Orange/Blue - and have it 20cm from the canopy. Heat is a 'non-issue!'. I be doiing a round of clones in 2011 and have a keepr or 2 'bonzied'.


While not convinced of the LEEDs ability in 12/12 - at this point I have not lost a plant when using it.




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LED'S are yet to prove they are even half as effective at HID's ... look at the number of LED Grows in all of the major cannabis forums ... many of which never show any flowering photos, have poor results and shitty harvests... plants should be kept small and whatnot....... LED'S are expensive and are not suited for grows that require effective lighting of large areas the majority are cheap chinese/japanese mass produced crap and the newer LED'S available for growing are quite expensive if you desire quality ... and still provide less than optimal results if you want to grow 2 small plants in a cupboard ..... maybe worth a go (with an led)... Grasshopper is making the right points in his messages ....



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Go too Amazon and look and see what people are saying about LED lights. Amazon is a good place to see what people think-that actually have tried the product. I have researched them a little, but enough too where I say -NOT.
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