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Yet Another Seed Grow



Im growing about 50 odd seeds again. Most will be seeds from a Bush x PExHBxSSH female crossed with a PExHBxSSH male (inbred to maybe make columnar plants). Ive also got some PExHBxSSH x PExHBxSSH f1s made from purple plants, some SSH crosses and a MK cross (one seed) to grow. I have some Bush x PExHBxSSH seeds from a hermy saved from the buds I smoked as well but probably wont touch them unless Im desperate.



(I got way more seed than I expected from my inbred columnar satty)


Ill use this as my grow diary which will start in a couple of weeks. :thumbsup:


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21 seeds planted; 1 x MK cross, 8 x SSH cross and 12 x PExHBxSSH backcrosses.


Im using organic soil in peat pots inside a clone dome and feeding with canna coco nutes and rhizotonic. I bought a PH pen and its sitting at 6.0PH.

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The SSH Xs didnt pop so Ive replaced 12 seedling pots with 6 x (Purple Erkle x Headband) x Super Silver Haze F2s [purp x purp] and 6 more backcrossed ones [from different females this time].
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One plant fell out of the cupboard when I opened the door and is in recovery mode. I threw away one of the clones I took because its stretchy and replaced it with a cut from the spear-budded plant that looks yummy. The seedlings should start to show their sex soon.
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