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strange smelling bud



i got some weed that smell like a lions Christmas cake and is really dark green can anyone shed light on this for me as i have never came across weed that smells so different the guy i got it off says all his customers are noticing it as well any info would be great


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haha Sweet i have never had anything like that Sounds like after harvested and dryed it was prolly stored in a Loins Xmas cake tin with maybe some cake in it for later. the weirdest Smelling tasting Buds ive had was what i called BS&BB (Beefstock and basil bacon) it smelt Weird i was scared to smoke it After i smoked it I tripped balls for a good 4hrs. I only managed to get it 3 times about 12yrs ago.
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hi, i had some simalar which I grew a few years back and trying different curing techniques, i stored some with dried prunes, the small mosture content helps slow the drying/curing process which helps the harshness and gives a fragrence and taste, also tried with mango skins and came up trumps.


these days dont bother with novelities and just do natural.- strain THE PURE

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yeah alot of the stuff I get is cured in rosemary. not bad gives it a unique flavor, never heard about mango skins... anyone try with banana skins? (:peace:... no fuck that).
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i got some weed the other day it smelt like gravy BAD and felt abit powdery when chopped it up, but it still burnt well and was a good smoke anyone heard of people using gravy when drying to make it weigh more?
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