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How hard is t to get seeds thru via overseas mail these days?



Hey guys,

Iwas wondering how hard is it to get seeds in the mail from overseas seed banks past Aussie customs these days? Especially with the post 911 thingo?

I havent orded any seeds since three to four years ago and used to get it the "stealth packaging" but watching Border Security awhile ago, I saw that Sydney Airport has new XRAY machines that can detect even the minutest plant matter concealed in packages.


Has anyone (in Aus) ordered and received any seeds lately? I know every order would be a gamble but it would be good to know the odds. Id hate to throw away $100 plus dollars if the other team is batting in the high 90% - 100%.


I would appreciate any help in this matter.


Peace, love and mung beans baby!



Sicario NSW


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Hey Sicario I dont think you got much to worry about. I got seeds from PlanetSkunk earlier this year. Paid for extra stealth($8) and they got through customs.


So go for it mate and get some plants growing!


cheers roy

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hows it mate just chasing up abit of information

did you end up ordering some seeds ?

if so was it successful and what seed bank did you go through

i want to order some seeds for the first time , but im confused who to go through , too many seed banks

i live in brisbane and the smoke here is crap at the moment so i want to grow for personal use

and also share the power of nature with friends and family

maybe if you help me out ill share some with you too , my promise = )


ps ... in advance

thanks alot for your help , much appreciated

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Ill be ordering some seeds in the following two weeks and ill let you know my experience with aussie customs too, i plan on ordering from highgrade-seeds.com after the recommendations in the forum.
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Hey mate


Im pretty sure that they would jus go straight through due to the vast variety of seeds that are allowed to be sent via mail, however im not to sure about overseas, if its from mexico or somewhere sketchy i rkeon itll probably get in the country.



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like most newbies i'm in the same boat. What concerns me, is if customs do intercept and pass info on to local pigs would this not give them due course[geeze i hate that friggin law]. working wit bag seed at the mo, and kissing a lot of frogs :peace: . the clock is ticking...left it to late last year!
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I reckon you would have to be unlucky to have your beans siezed .More % of risk with neighbours an friends.Police are not fuckin masterminds or have ESP they have to have a reason to act and info to lead them to you.Remember that ol sayin loose lips sink ships.

Keep on tokin in the free world


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Hey guys like a few of u im real new to growing, and some of these posts are old and i was wondering if anyone ordered into oz recently? and with what site?

thanks guys and gals X

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