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Long time Gone - Episode 2 Stop Self Limiting Beliefs

Harry Imago


Pride is a Deadly Sin but I like it


I will for this the first of my harvests since joining os allow myself some pride. I am proud of myself for joining up and getting some great advice. I am proud of my commitment to the process (one slip up). And most of all I am proud of the delicious looking buds I have just cut. To me they are massive, they smell like beautiful shady cut grass. The buds are sticky and thick, and I think I have enough trim to go a few spots in a week or so.


Thanks to all that have contributed to my topics. This place is a wonderful community to share ideas, laughs, meet like minded, or not so like minded citizens.


This harvest holds huge highs (excuse the pun) and huge lows. For a few weeks now I have been plundering a poor sativa female for shitty headachy highs and it has to stop. Therefore as Number 2 drys and cures I'm going to dry out for a bit. I've just had my last bong for hopefully only five weeks, two weeks drying and three weeks curing. My humidity is around 47% and temp about 26C. I think I'll have a problem during the day as my drying cupboard is on a north facing wall of a garage with doors facing east getting the morning sun. I've got a fan circulating air and with the grow room intakes and extractors the whole garage gets turned over all day.


This is number 2 an indica grown by training the main stem over 90'. Unfortunately I didn't take any clones, so my fingers are crossed for a re-vegetation. If not that's life and I will enjoy my little indica. I would have dried indoors but for the smell, my wife gave up when she was pregnant and never smoked that much anyway, it was just a natural turn of events being around me. Now she's gone 180 and complains about 'the smell'. So the break should help alleviate marital tensions somewhat. And after reading bufos review on a vaporizer I decided to get one from CTH Products. Without wanting to sound like a wanker but the service was fantastic, awesome. So a Vaporite is sitting quietly in its box waiting for 2 to dry and cure. I will let you know how things go.


It will take all my patience and willpower to not oven roast this plant but I am determined to do it. I want to taste its sweet naturally dry and cured flavour.


I'll try and keep the blog upto date although it seems the community runs more on topics than the blogs for interaction. I have tried the chat room and would recommend it to anyone, toker or not.


Sorry about the photo, I was just so excited to clip it, manicure it (sort of) and get it captured for prosperity with a sense of scale was to use something handy. It was hot work trimming just one small plant.


Album listened to whilst typing this. ACDC Back in Black 1994 2.21 into "Have a Drink On Me" I am sure he says "Get Stoned"




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