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#467557 Scam Alert - Aussie Medicinal Seed & Don Medicinal Cannabis

Posted by MongyMan on 16 September 2015 - 08:09 AM

One word that fits this Don asshole is FRAUD.


I think he lives up to this name quite well what do you crew all think.????




I think it should be pointed out that The Don (Langdon Brown) is not the only one out there profiting from the sick whilst claiming compassion.

The Hemp Embassy, The Wellness Clinic, Church of Ubuntu and there are many others whose oil prices are similar to and in some cases higher than The Dons prices.

IMO anyone profiting under the banner of compassion should all be named and shamed.


I'll be backing those who give their cannabis away or charge a small nominal charge to cover costs if it's under the banner of compassion, not the profiteers and scammers.


:peace: MongyMan

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#466405 Scam Alert - Aussie Medicinal Seed & Don Medicinal Cannabis

Posted by The Rose of Darkness on 25 August 2015 - 10:53 AM

I was trying to keep my nose out of this thread, but here is how things ACTUALLY work for people that make and donate medical oil.

You get a group of people and growers who have genuine, non profit motive to supply people with medical cannabis oil that are suffering.

These people you see every day, they work next to you, serve you at counters, mow your lawns... they are everybody.

They work normal jobs, pay taxes and follow every other law in this country except this one.

They take a portion of their legal, tax paid wages and pool it together as a collective to pay for a site to grow.

They pay for the capitol, the equipment, the electricity and all consumables with legitimate tax paid income.

They all share the workload and donate their time to growing and oil extraction and it is passed on to be given to across the country to those in need.

There is no illegitimate, illegal money or profit made from the production.

Every dollar paid for the production is from hard earned work of a normal paying job. These people donate their time and money to give something to those in need for 100% free.

There are no exceptions, this is strictly non profit.

The problem the government has with people like this is that financial motive has been removed from the equation, and this makes somebody very dangerous when they cannot be bought, seduced or corrupted by money.

This is what cannabis oil is all about.

Making your life about something more.

Hollywood movies mock the notion that "One person can change the world" by showing heroes that are beyond our capabilities.

This makes us feel like "Im just one person, what can I possibly do?"

One plant has the power to save a life. Save one persons life out of compassion and you will realize YOU DO have an amazing power.

Combined as growers, one plant each, we can save the lives of thousands.

Dont underestimate yourself, you are so powerful and you dont even realize it :)


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#465887 Scam Alert - Aussie Medicinal Seed & Don Medicinal Cannabis

Posted by louise on 17 August 2015 - 12:06 PM

Well Joan, I personally think you are telling jolly big furphies... but if you have $500-600 a week to drop on the Don's oil - go for it, but I'd like it if you stop pontificating about how you are happy to pay... most of Australia doesn't have that sort of money to blow on a product of dubious effect.

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#480818 2015/16 Outdoor

Posted by crow on 09 April 2016 - 06:51 PM

Sannies Sugar Punch med_gallery_51352_1514_520723.jpg

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#456976 Southern Star Seed Strains , Bud Porn

Posted by itchybromusic on 12 April 2015 - 08:59 PM

G'day Folks 

Thought  I'd start a SSS strain pic dump point 

In the hope anyone else growing or grown SSS strains could use this for they're fav strain pic's 

So others considering SSS could have a look at possible suitable strains that might interest them

in one place 

Also hoping you guys might like to start other breeder pic dump points


Breeder related bud porn fest basically

anyways here i go


Bubble Fuck

Pulled a little early , humidity has been a problem this year & 

the buds on the Bubble are very dense & solid , i lost 3 decent buds over a week

so it was time to go

Attached File  074.JPG   212K   220 downloads Attached File  076.JPG   186.86K   180 downloads Attached File  077.JPG   195.05K   165 downloads


Bubble is a day time smoke , long lasting & functional , smooth  , budding starts with a bubblegum smell

which is very nice but sadly mostly disappears to a sweet earthy smell , not very strong , same with taste

she's very nice but no books will be written about her , if looking for a wake N Bake strain , she's your gal   



GG Allin

Could have gone another week possibly but that good ol humidity looked like it was taking 

a big fat one so no waiting around, time to chop 

Attached File  008.JPG   321.59K   168 downloads Attached File  012.JPG   260.96K   157 downloads

Attached File  016.JPG   283.82K   154 downloads Attached File  022.JPG   229.36K   153 downloads


GG is a bit of a fav , very strong smelling girl, sweet spice , i think more spice but others think more 50/50

strange but pleasant smoke smell that hangs round , best smoked outdoors if you get unexpected visitors

Knock you on your ass very quickly so tread carefully until you get a feel for her  


Hope you guys think the thread is worth adding too & starting others , Mr Nice , Sensi , TGA ect ect ect 




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#630408 We won a battle!

Posted by wearthefoxhat on 04 June 2019 - 09:13 AM

My son has malignant nerve sheath tumors which there are many active with one going malignant. His condition is (was) described as terminal with metastasis to the pelvic area, neck and base of his skull, both legs and chest area

He has had radio therapy and supplements including RSO and CBD over the last 4 months. The main tumor has been smashed with metastasis gone. All the other tumors have stopped progressing. (these weren't radioed) and during the whole episode he needed no anti nausea medication, only 3 pain killers after a big operation to remove another malignant tumor from the same area which took the femoral nerve with it.

No nerve pain ...no inflammation or infections etc. 

He recovered so fast the medical profession are curious on what we have been doing so we told them everything which just generated blank face expressions except from one nurse who was really supportive  of us behind the others backs.



In short we won this battle and now its time to win the war. The objective is to continue to stop the rest of the tumors growing and hopefully shrink them. A long term protocol is what I am trying to work out for him now  

It seems that the RSO and CBD along with other supplements are making a difference which has improved his quality of life through this time. 





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Posted by Ozzy420 on 04 June 2017 - 03:20 PM

Back in the day about 25 years ago 2 plants in a wheelie bin cut in 1/2.

Bag seed, back then we grew what ever seeds we got in good smoko.


Pic was taken with a film camera, had the pics  developed at the local kmart lol







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#498520 Serrated's. Sweet mix

Posted by Serrated edge on 04 February 2017 - 09:48 PM

Style : Run to waste
Medium : Perlite and a little vermiculite
Pot size : 200 ml
Room size : 1.6 x 1.6 x 2.4
Lighting : Fluro then 600 w
Temp & humidity : Best I can get
Number of plants : 21
Total flower time : 10 wks
Nutrients : Growrite & Budrite
Additives : Hi-gen - Nitro-K.....Hi-gen- budlink Silica.....Rapid PK

Strains :
Sweet seeds.
4 x Cream Mandarine Fv
4 x Sweet special Fv
2 x Killer Kush
2 x jack 47
2 x Green poison
2 x Green poison Fv

There are also 5 x Cinderella 99 from different breeder . But this diary will focus mostly on
The Sweet seeds plants

A few days back I left the light up and it caused some to stretch so I'm in a rush now to pot these up and get them bent over .
I'm getting tempted to just top the taller ones but I wanted to get main colas so tomorrow I'll have to reorganise things and put these into their final home ,earlier than expected.

All are on 0.5 EC and only fed base nutrients so far and as soon as they're potted I'll hit them with
the Nitro K. And Alternate with silica

The switch to 12/12 will be in about 2 weeks

I'm expecting triple stretch from the Mandies,Kush and Jack 47
The rest should be about double stretch.

.Attached File  IMG_1154.JPG   183.79K   122 downloads

One CM had a retarded tip but seems to be coming out of it..middle far right.

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#491911 Cannabis slave

Posted by mcTHREE on 28 November 2016 - 08:34 PM

Haha very good point recipes for slaves are probably not much use and not a bad thing but salve recipe well [emoji23], it's actually very easy

2 cups of coconut oil which you can buy at the supermarket or health food store, it's actually more like the inside of a bounty chocolate bar but turns to liquid when heated , use a spoon to scrape approximately 2 cups into a saucepan and put on a low heat, just under a boil like a simmer.

Add a Table spoon of vitamin E oil to the saucepan, I buy it online it's about $5 for 200ml

Add 2 cups of dried relatively chopped up flower, I have found the better the strain as in the higher THC content the more effective the salve is mind you this could just be my imagination as all version I have made have been beneficial.
I also decarboxylate my flower first before adding it to the saucepan as I make oil at the same time and it's just a habit I've gotten into.

Let the coconut oil, vitamin E oil and herb simmer on a low heat so it's just under boiling for about 4 hours, some people do this for as long as 24 hours which I have also done but I feel the difference in the infusion is minimal and 4 hours is fine. Give the mix a good stir every so often.
Be super carful to as the mixture drys fast when spilled and can make a bit of a mess if you not carful.

After the mix has been heated for about 4 hours and the cannabis has had time to infuse with the coconut oil use some cheese cloth or I can't remember the other name you can get it from material shops and pour the mixture through it into a bowl or something similar to filter out the herb so you are left with just a liquid. It's very important to wear gloves while doing this as it is upper hot.

Take another saucepan and add 3rd of a cup of beeswax which you can also get from a health food shop usually in little bits the size of mms or smarties and melt fairy easily over heat. Be cautious not to leave this over your stove for long as in take it off as soon as it is liquid as it can catch fire easily which I have also done.
Pour the melted beeswax into the other mix and stir together I usually tip the bowl of oil into the saucepan of beeswax and heat for another 2 minutes or so.

That's pretty much it, then you can pour into small containers, I use small plastic ones from the craft store, let it cool and your good to go.

I have heard of people running the finished cooled hardened mix through a blender then packaging it for use as it provides a different texture but I don't do this as I like the way it comes out, it's kind of like softish soap would be the best way to describe it and it melts with the body heat of your fingers. With this recipe I get about 7 small tubs which last for ages.

I have had beyond amazing results with this for my sons eczema and have also forwarded lots of it to friends and family with all kinds of skin issues who swear by it and I feel if you have those kinds of issues it's more than worth a go. My son no longer takes steroids for his skin. WIN
Please fell free to ask for further info if required and I will do my best To explain as the above probably makes no sense [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303]

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#469942 Californabus take 2 - Medical Cannabis experience

Posted by Matanuska Thunder on 31 October 2015 - 08:10 AM


I am a California Medical Marijuana card holder :)

everything here is 100% legal, bought at a local dispensary 


Ogre OG - typical hybrid, smelly, tasty indica high

Attached File  1.JPG   134.3K   32 downloads


Gorilla Glue -another typical hybrid, looks and tastes just like Green Python another stoney indica high

Attached File  2.JPG   132.88K   29 downloads


some BHO "crumble" for tonight... cleaning the smoking implements so I can really taste this 

Attached File  3.JPG   99.59K   29 downloadsAttached File  4.JPG   118.46K   29 downloads


The reason I can write this...

Blueberry Muffin- Sativa  -love the uppy high, not heavy in flavour -will be a good all day smoke

---sweet taste to this, can't taste berry at all 

Attached File  5.JPG   151.06K   29 downloads

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#469366 NCPIC - Where do we stand on medical cannabis?

Posted by Naycha on 19 October 2015 - 04:38 PM

...there's no gold-standard research on whole-plant, so we can't comment on its potential...there just isn’t enough evidence...


It would be nice if they defined what they mean by 'gold-standard'. The lack of definition makes it hard for anyone to weigh up their claim and provide evidence to back up the argument that there are peer-reviewed scientific journal articles on whole Cannabis and that imo is the 'gold-standard'.


Our name is the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre. This is a legacy of a less confusing time when medical cannabis wasn’t under debate.


It was very much under debate then and previous to that time. This is an intentionally misleading statement.


We don’t have any influence over the law. None at all.


I would argue that your organisation (due to the political motivations behind its creation and the associated affiliations) is in a unique position to have influence over the law. That this influence is not enshrined in legislation is irrelevant.


We provide information and education, we analyse research


In a biased, non-scientific fashion.


the dosage can’t be controlled, contaminants are unknown and you can’t be sure how much THC and CBD is in what you’re taking.


This is due only to the laws in our country that prohibit the general public from utilising laboratories to test their Cannabis. This is of course at a detriment to the health of the public.


research is so important


I agree. There is a plethora of scientific research in the public domain that the NCPIC refuse to acknowledge because it does not agree with their dogma.




Nailed it! lol

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#465792 Scam Alert - Aussie Medicinal Seed & Don Medicinal Cannabis

Posted by Matanuska Thunder on 16 August 2015 - 12:23 PM

There are false conjectures needlessly thrown around in this thread by unqualified people who do not receive medicinal cannabis from Don nor do they know anything about the way his products are produced or the results from patients using his products. 

actually I am quite qualified to speak in regards to scientific issues, including "chemistry" and 'compounding' - I have the education and experience to prove it... "the Don" has a finance background.


I have used screen shots from the don's own Facebook page to back up my points

I have met The Don, I was unimpressed, as were many people at the Tamworth symposium the Don did everything in his power to derail the symposium to meet his agenda (imo)


this is all I need to know about how "the Don" produces his products,these shots are from HIS Facebook page

Attached File  d4.JPG   78.36K   19 downloadsAttached File  don2.JPG   109.14K   20 downloads

what self-respecting 'chemist' produces products on the floor (answer is NONE).
in medical settings, medications on the floor is a serious offence.

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#459533 Scam Alert - Aussie Medicinal Seed & Don Medicinal Cannabis

Posted by Matanuska Thunder on 13 May 2015 - 12:10 PM

Looks like another medical cannabis scam is making the rounds on Facebook...



“Don Medicinal Cannabis” is changing his spots and has begun to specialize in "Medical Cannabis Seeds". 


DO NOT trust Don Medicinal Cannabis nor Aussie Medicinal Seed Co... as they appear to be one in the same person/company.

 "the Don" has a reputation (on Facebook) for inferior products and not delivering what he promises (taking money and not sending products), he is in the medical canna business for money, zero compassion in his business plan.


 If by chance these two 'companies' are not both being run by "the Don", then Aussie Medicinal Seed Co is steeling photos, and that is crap/un-ethical business practice.


The post by Aussie Medicinal Seed Co has been taken down already, got to love a screen grab (however crappy it may be)!


Be smart peoples!


just a few extra screen grabs to prove my point

Attached File  au seeds.JPG   1.54MB   239 downloadsAttached File  don2.JPG   74.71K   209 downloads

Attached File  aussie seeds.JPG   102.36K   204 downloadsAttached File  don1.JPG   117.54K   198 downloads

Attached File  don.JPG   78.06K   191 downloads

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#457160 Ganesh Spirit in Review

Posted by louise on 14 April 2015 - 10:30 PM

I'm crap at strain reviews so the TL;DR up first...
This strain is fucking brilliant and you all should most definitely run out and grab a prepaid credit card and buys yourself some!!!!!!! :good:

Fast flowering indica/sativa hybrid, developed from a very stable sativa elite clone, pure and aromatic from the mountains of northern India, one of the primary centers of origin of the different varieties of cannabis.

These mountain sativas are compact and branched, Similar to the Indica, with hard and resinous buds, a good adaptation to cold. Flowering time of this mountin Sativas is much faster than most of the sativas.

We have crossed this North Indian sativa with one of our sweet and aromatic indica, getting a big vigor hybrid plant with high yield and psychoactive high. The aroma of this plant is sweet, fruity and spicy. On the palate the flavor is very intense and discovers citrus tones, fresh and anise.

During the flowering she produce very large and fully loaded buds with aromatic trichomes and shiny resin, having improved significantly with cross-pointing at the buds/leaf-ratio, flowering time, internodal distance and aroma.

Ganesh Spirit is a highly psychoactive plant, soft disruptive and well balanced; imaginative, lucid and relaxed at once.

40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Yield Indoor: 400-600 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 400-700 gr / plant
Flowering time Indoor: 8 weeks

THC: 18-20%; CBD: 0.8%; CBN: 0.4%
Sweet Seeds - Ganesh Spirit

Growing Ganesh Spirit well... it eats like an indica, branches like an indica, flowers like an indica, but damn, consume a little and you very quickly find out that it is not an indica. I have found it very good for managing pain, the high is both creative and motivated and I have no trouble getting through the tasks that must be performed and feel pretty good about along the way.
Through the vape the taste is close to divine, complex fruity flavour with an edge of licorice, even smoked the taste is something special.  It is very fast flowering but doesn't stretch very much, mine barely doubled in height during flower, so you might want to grow it to a larger size during veg than you would say for an indica dom skunk.
Some pics from the switch to 12/12 and the second month of flowering...


30/1 Attached File  gsa300115.JPG   64.96K   7 downloads
2/3 Attached File  gsa020315.JPG   201.14K   7 downloads Attached File  gsa1_020315.JPG   278.66K   7 downloads
7/3 Attached File  gsa070315.JPG   196.28K   7 downloads Attached File  gsa1_070315.JPG   130.08K   7 downloads Attached File  gsa2_070315.JPG   188.19K   7 downloads
15/3 Attached File  gsa150315.JPG   117.03K   7 downloads Attached File  gsa1_150315.JPG   231.92K   8 downloads
30/3 Attached File  gsa300315.JPG   142.54K   7 downloads Attached File  gsa1_300315.JPG   133.2K   7 downloads Attached File  cutbud1.JPG   61.28K   7 downloads


edit... added a couple of extra pics.
I harvested at 58 days of 12/12 due to logisitics, but having broken a branch at 45 days, I was by harvest quite aware that the buds were strong enough for my purposes.
I have one plant revegging as I type and I expect this strain to feature in my garden for some time to come.
So yeah, go get some, and thanks Sweet for making some mountain genetics available... I'm going to refill the vape again... :D

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#432211 Another compassionate plea!

Posted by Ozpicious on 12 May 2014 - 06:53 PM

He wouldn't be hard to track down at all. You already have his name and home town.


The truth is there are hundreds of people out there in the same position as Dan Haslan desperate for help and access to cannabis oil before their cancers kill them. I have hundreds of emails from people asking for help on where they can legally obtain cannabis oil, all of which I cannot help or direct anyone else to due to the stupid arcane profit orientated cannabis laws we live under... How ridiculous it is that a plant like cannabis is illegal which regardless of what some ignorant people believe is full of goodness for us both externally and internally.


The biggest tragedy in this story in my opinion is the fact that it had to affect their family and friends personally before adjusting their attitude towards cannabis, as I'm sure his father has raided and locked up plenty of cannabis growers some of which could well still be in gaol...

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#416738 Global Drug Survey 2014 - includes section on your ideal cannabis!

Posted by mjbarratt on 15 November 2013 - 10:31 AM

Hello to the OzStoners community - here's an introduction to the latest GDS 2014, which has a focus on cannabis this year.


Drugs are a funny thing. Lots of people take them, lots of people talk about them – often not knowing much at all about what they are talking about. The media sometimes does a fantastic reporting on drug issues, other times it’s just not useful or accurate. Sometimes it’s just plain rubbish. Researchers do some interesting stuff but most of it‘s focused on the harm that drugs cause – not the pleasure they can bring to people’s lives. Global Drug Survey hopes to change that.

Collaborating with over 20 media partners and host of researchers and harm reduction networks across the world, translated into 10 languages and running with hubs in 17 countries we are about to under take the biggest survey of everyday drug use (inducing alcohol, tobacco and of course prescription medication – they are drugs to!) that the world, has ever seen.

From what would be the perfect cannabis and life after the Silk Road, to what happened when you’re caught with drugs or being drug-tested in work place; from nitrous oxide balloons and ecstasy pill testing to value for money and finding out what people do to keep themselves safe while high – this is going to be huge and relevant for people who use drugs, who drink, drop, get high, get low, gets scripts, grow their own or are just curious about the world around them.

If you are interested in drugs help us get the best information out to everyone. Our results will be published exclusively with our global media partners in March and April 2014.

Take part in Global Drug Survey 2014 at http://www.globaldru...vey.com/GDS2014

Everything is anonymous and confidential.

(GDS is headed up by Dr Adam Winstock, email adam@globaldrugsurvey.com. The survey has ethics approval. N.B. I have had a role in designing parts of the survey!)


AND in relation to your favourite plant: Here's what GDS is asking about it -


What we will ask
Cannabis remains the most commonly used illicit drug in the world and the first to have its growing to be industrialized in every country - it's probably the most profitable drug in the world. With the dominance of high potency strains, there has been little assessment of whether what people are offered is really what they want to use. Work done by GDS2013 identified high potency herbal strains as being the most popular, the most available and giving the best high but also the type most associated with memory problems and paranoia. GDS2014 is asking the consumer to rank different forms of cannabis on potency and preference and describe the perfect cannabis high and how this compares to what they experience with their currently used preparations. We will also identify how cannabis users go about trying to reduce their risks of harm and how many use it for medical reasons. We will also compare how many of them end up seeking emergency medical treatment each year (and why) compared to those who have used synthetic cannabis products which GDS2013 identified as being associated with a wide range of unwanted effects.

Why this is important
– We hope to challenge the dominance of the high potency market based on consumer feedback and provide cannabis users with the best harm reduction advice based on the experience of 10s of thousands of users across the world.

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#380198 NSW parliamentary inquiry into medical cannabis - due Feb 15

Posted by mjbarratt on 06 December 2012 - 02:33 PM

I thought contributors to this part of OZStoners would be very interested in this inquiry. Here is a quote from NSW parliament media release:

On 22 November 2012, the NSW Legislative Council referred an Inquiry into the medical use of cannabis to General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4. The Committee, chaired by the Hon Sarah Mitchell MLC of The Nationals, includes representatives of the Australian Labor Party, the Greens and the Liberal Party.

The motion to refer the Inquiry to General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4 was put forward by Labor member the Hon Luke Foley MLC, and was agreed to without opposition from Council members.

The Committee Chair, Mrs Mitchell said, 'The Committee will be examining the safety and efficacy of cannabis for medical purposes as well as considering if and how cannabis should be supplied for medical use. In addition, the Inquiry will investigate the legal implications of cannabis use for medical purposes, as well as any other related issues.'

'There is a diverse collection of views held on this issue by the community, and the Committee wishes to hear from the widest possible range of stakeholders.'

Submissions are now being called for by the Committee from interested organisations and individuals. The closing date for submissions in Friday 15 February 2013.

The Committee will to hold two Sydney hearings, in March 2013. Detailed information about the dates and times of these hearings will be advertised on the Committee website following the closing date for submissions. The Committee is scheduled to report to the House by 14 May 2013.

For further information about the Inquiry, including its terms of reference, and for more on how to make a submission, please visit the Committee's website at: www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/gpsc4, or call the Committee Secretariat on (02) 9230 3081

Click here to lodge your submission - before 15 Feb 2013!

And if you haven't already, you can also complete our anonymous study of Australian cannabis growers. We will be using this information to make an official submission to the inquiry so this is another way you can have your voice heard.
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#332025 O.P. Rum Tincture

Posted by merl1n on 12 December 2011 - 04:55 PM

Hi All,
So on the advice of others I've used some of my find to make tincture or green dragon. Now, I had a look around and found a few recipes. Some say cook it, others say don't. Some say use coffee filters, others say don't. Some say leave it to steep for 3-4 weeks, some say heat it. Well I need this quickly, so I took a bit of all the info I found and did this.

I took 1 oz of head and using a coffee grinder made it a powder.
Attached File  Tinture 001.JPG   124.23K   97 downloads Attached File  Tinture 004.JPG   139.8K   86 downloads

I placed it on a foil lined baking tray and cooked it at 130C for 15min in the oven. This process releases the right cannabanoids for the alcohol to absorb
Attached File  Tinture 009.JPG   160.08K   80 downloads

I sterlized some jars with boiling hot water(notice the spoon in each jar, according to the wife this stops the jars shattering with the hot water) Then dried them in the WARM oven
Attached File  Tinture 012.JPG   133.96K   76 downloads

I distributed the baked pot into two jars. I could have used one jar but wanted the entire mix under the level of the water in my saucepan (see below)
Attached File  Tinture 015.JPG   94.82K   75 downloads

Taking one cup of OP rum (57.7% alcohol or 115 proof) I covered the pot with the rum
Attached File  Tinture 014.JPG   89.86K   75 downloadsAttached File  Tinture 016.JPG   108.79K   78 downloads

I heated a saucepan of water to about 40C then placed my jars in the water. Some say to use a wire rack at the bottom of the saucepan, but my wire rack was too big, so again on the Mrs' advise, I placed a tea towel in the bottom so the glass jars weren't drawing the heat directly from the base of the saucepan. Notice the level of the alcohol and pot mix is below the water level
Attached File  Tinture 018.JPG   109.01K   83 downloads

Now the alcohol evaporates at 75C. So using a candy thermometer I kept it below 75. The recommendations are 65-75C. I kept mine at 70ish for about 35-40 minutes.

Then came the straining. One video I watched used coffee filters but when you go to squeeze them out they rip contaminating the product. So I went to the fabric shop and bought some muslin cloth or cheese cloth. And fitted it to the top of the final jar. DO NOT FORGET THE RUBBER BAND, unless you have two pair of hands as it makes one hell of a mess if the cloth comes free from the jar. DOH. :doh:
Attached File  Tinture 019.JPG   88.91K   82 downloads

Due to the fabric of the cloth you can squeeze the hell out of it and get the maximum out, Coffee fiters rip.
Attached File  Tinture 021.JPG   112.9K   76 downloads

After doing all of this, there was a little still in the cheese cloth so I squeezed it direct into my mouth. The taste ain't great but being rum it helps, but shit am I bent. :crazytwist:

I will be offline for a bit come Wednesday and I won't be able to smoke, until I get back home, but the mrs can bring me in daily doses of green/brown almost black dragon and I won't need any pharma from the Drs. :thumbsup:

P.S. Next comes some hash oil (I hope)
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#664679 Coronavirus.

Posted by OldManDallas on 24 March 2020 - 02:20 PM

Its a small town here with a lot of elderly legends that need some help so I have organized 20 of these care package's to give to them as sadly they don't have many or any family members to fall back on. Its not much but its better then nothing.


Attached File  IMG_20200324_150408_448.jpg   179.63K   24 downloads


Look after the one's you love but don't forget about old marge or John down the road, help as much as you can...



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#508453 Organic Forum

Posted by Swftroml on 18 April 2017 - 04:27 PM

Could we please have a sub forum for organics? We can talk shop there and not have to sift through the rest of the forums for topics. It would be easier for people to learn about it that way also.
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